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Fix head font cut off for iOS

iOS development is great if we use the default font. However, it is a bit buggy when we use a custom font. In my case, I find one particular font that has the top of the font chopped off. In this article, I would like to share how I can fix that

1. Generate an XML configurator for the faulty font

Open your terminal and issue the following command.

ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A d "Linotype - UniversLTStd-Cn.otf"

This would generate an XML file configurator for that font. In my case, it is Univers LT Std 57 Condensed.hhea.xml.

2. Adjust ascender and descender inside the XML configurator

Open the generated XML file in earlier step by using your favorit editor or use vim by issuing the following command:

vim "Univers LT Std 57 Condensed.hhea.xml"

Once you open the file, look for <hheadTable tag and ascender and descender attribute. If your font has head cut off, then you should increase ascender and decrease descender. On another hand, if your font baseline is too low from what you expect it is supposed to be, you should decrease ascender and increase descender instead.

Here is what look like on my XML configurator file:


3. Generate back the font from the new XML configurator

After you have done with the editing on step 2, it’s time to generate back the font by issuing the following command:

ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A f "Linotype - UniversLTStd-Cn.otf"

The new font file would have your edited configuration that you have editted in step 2. Now you can try to run the iOS app again to verify the font has taken effect. Note that you would need to do need a few times from step 1 to 3 as the changes that you made in step 2 might not be sufficient.

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